Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sew little time...

I have been spending entirely too much time in blogland.  I think my cat has run away and my partner doesn't bother coming home for dinner - what dinner?  I barely tear myself away from here to feed myself.  I'll just share two of the million treats I've found:

One to envy: Deb's gorgeous sewing room and all the lovely items produced there.

One to emulate: Julie's extremely useful binding tutorial


  1. Hi Annie Rose! Thank you for giving me a mention in your blog post and for the comment on mine!
    I see you are in Kent, are you going to come along to our Kitsch and Stitch Fair - introduce yourself, I love to meet fellow bloggers. You can find the link to the Fair's blog via my blog.

    I know what you mean by spending too much time browsing blogland, but there are so many lovely blogs to read - you read one, click on one of their favourites, etc, etc.....I should be sewing now!!!

    Have a play around with the blogger templates and layout to personalise your blog - you can try all sorts of things before you publish it, and it's fun - albeit time consuming!

  2. Welcome to blog and - found you through Brit quilt on flickr and have signed up

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