Saturday, 27 August 2011

Quilt Labels

I've always struggled with how to label my quilts.  I have been creating my own on the computer and printing onto transfer paper.  I've kept them very small with just my name and transfered them on to a cotton tape to sew diagonally across a corner.  But when you have made a very special quilt for gifting I think it really deserves to be more specific.  I've seen labels done using iron on bonding to stiffen the fabric then just writing the details with a Sharpie marker and sewing on - I like this method, too.  I was going to try this method. THEN  I discovered Think Your Archie's method on Flickr.  This one takes the cake!!!  She tells me she designs them on the computer, too, and prints to transfer paper.  I must ask her about the type of transfer paper she uses.  I've had some problems with mine peeling - may be I have ironed too much or too little - I think it can be tricky.


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