Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Setting Up A Blog - Beware!

Just one week in and all the linking, searching, cutting, pasting, reading, thinking, wishing, that blogging involves has caused me to burn dinner and destroy my pan.  This was a lovely Tikka Massala, one of the dozen lovely meals that my best friend cooked for me to have in my freezer while recuperating from a hysterectomy (or hystericalectomy as a follower said - love it!)  It still tasted great - pity about the pan!

Also, I had a terrible case of blogsomnia last night.  Thoughts that were circulating through my fuzzy head...where was that great post on clickable comments? Can I get my blogs to automatically post on my Facebook page? I wonder where you get badges?  and on and on and on....somebody give me some sheep to count!

An invaluable source for getting my blog set up has come from the fantastic Hilary at UKCraft blog Thank you so much, Hilary.  Although I'm still trying to work out the clickable comments.

Still trying to find out how to get blogs to show on Facebook - anyone who can help?

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